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Are you locked into proprietary call recording formats? Touch can convert legacy recordings into open standards and hand control back to you

Are you locked into proprietary call recording formats? Touch can convert legacy recordings into open standards and hand control back to you

Locked into a proprietary call recording format or technology? Touch has an automated process for converting and migrating legacy files into open standards, while removing data siloes and handing control of your data back to you… unlike some of our competitors.

Compliance obligations for call recording are a significant challenge for many businesses. As well as far-reaching personal data protection requirements such as the General Data Protection Act (GDPA), many organisations, particularly those in the financial sector, are also required to meet multiple international financial regulations, such as MiFID II and Dodd-Franks depending on location.

It means that organisations around the world have a legacy of call recordings that can span decades. This can create two problems:

  1. It requires a scalable, secure, robust system that offers quick and easy search capabilities, securely managed access control, and easy retrieval of files; and,
  2. It means that data stored in a proprietary format can lock organisations into a call recording service provider that may no longer be suitable or fit for purpose.

The second point becomes even more important when one considers the burgeoning proliferation of national, local and industry regulations and legislation that businesses need to keep up with (or ahead of).

Refreshing your compliance recording strategy?

Of course, such regulations are being updated and modified on an on-going basis. So, if your call recording service provider does not have a clear and strong roadmap, or your files are stored in a proprietary data format, then it could lead to significant issues with meeting compliance obligations.

But it’s not just keeping up with compliance obligations. Call recording solutions may be reaching end-of-life, or your organisation may want to standardise and integrate legacy call recordings from multiple siloes into a single platform, or you may even be embarking on a modernisation and refresh of your compliance strategy across the organisation – due to a merger or acquisition, for example.

That’s why Touch provides an automated migration service that can convert even encrypted data files into a non-proprietary format, ensuring that you are not locked in to a specific vendor or data format and, importantly, are ready to face the compliance future with confidence and in the knowledge that your files are stored in an open format. It means that you stay in complete control of your own data.

Avoiding call recording lock-in

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. For example, we know that one of the largest providers of recording solutions uses a proprietary format for recorded files. This leads to vendor and solution lock-in, and could easily lead to integration and standardisation problems further down the line.

Touch has years of experience managing complex call recording data migrations (from legacy systems and proprietary data formats). We back this up with SLAs to ensure optimum, hassle-free data and service migration, without disruption. When we migrate new customers from providers such as Nice, we do so in a way that removes the potential for any future lock-in.

We have developed an automated process that converts proprietary recordings into a standardised format with open standards – such as WAV, MP3 or whatever your requirements. Significantly, all metadata associated with files is also migrated as part of each recording and our migration process can also handle any encryption issues.

The end result is a standardised file that’s easy to search, access, stream and manage – and, of course, that’s open and non-proprietary. So, there’s no lock-in.

In addition, we are committed to developing our own technology roadmap, while staying ahead of the game regarding upcoming compliance and regulation changes, or new legislation.

A non-proprietary, open standards managed call recording service from Touch

We also strive to maintain the highest quality assurance ourselves. That’s why we perform

continuous, active, real-time performance monitoring throughout the entire value chain of our own business on a 24x7 basis. Touch Operations Centre provides advanced monitoring and surveillance capabilities for our own business, which in turn ensures that you receive the highest levels of service uptime and quality.

Our service just works. Delivered as a service, it requires no app or software download/licence and no infrastructure deployment.

Feedback from our customers tells us that they stay with us because of our experience and heritage, outstanding customer service and performance, and the ability to add new channels to their call recording strategy whenever required. They don’t stay with us because they are locked in to a proprietary format or technology.

So, if you’re thinking about standardising and/or migrating your legacy call recordings and want to stay in control of your own data, then contact Touch. We can seamlessly and automatically convert and migrate all of your files – even if they are encrypted and in a proprietary format – into any non-proprietary, open-standard format of your choice.

Written on 02 December 2021
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