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Your call recordings can be a powerful business tool. Touch can help you to unlock their value with comprehensive, SLA-backed services

Your call recordings can be a powerful business tool. Touch can help you to unlock their value with comprehensive, SLA-backed services

Call recording provides not just a means to meet legal and compliance obligations, when used to its full potential it can help organisations to meet their own SLAs and service performance requirements and, ultimately, help to optimise daily operations.

Call recording can be a powerful tool, but few organisations are getting true value from their call recordings – which represents a real missed opportunity.

Two recent surveys highlight that discrepancy. According to Zion Market Research, 64% of companies deploy call recording solutions to ensure efficient responses to legal requests and compliance audits[1]. But a survey by McKinsey shows that only 37% of businesses feel that their call recording solution is adding real value on top of compliance[2].

Optimise the value of your call recordings with Touch Call Recording Service

Here at Touch, we help businesses to optimise the value they get from our Call Recording Service – from helping you to meet your compliance and legal obligations right through to providing the tools and expertise that can help you improve employee training and customer service, and help you to meet your own SLAs, KPIs, and service performance requirements – based on the SLAs we offer to you.

Used to its full potential, call recording can help organisations to evaluate and improve employee performance, provide effective coaching and, ultimately, to improve customer service. By analysing performance, and using call recordings to improve employee interactions, the benefits that call recording can bring are clear.

Touch Call Recording Service can be used by employees to self-evaluate, re-enact (and improve) challenging customer conversations, and ultimately help to meet and extend call centre KPIs and service performance. At the same time, employees feel more empowered as they are a part of their own evaluation and performance journey.

Gain deep business insight from your call recordings

Call recordings can be used to revisit problematic areas, but equally can be used to highlight positive performance, allowing both employees and managers to compare good and bad conversations, and better understand how and where they can improve.

Put simply, call recording provides organisations with everything you need to understand your day-to-day operations and customer service interactions at the employee, departmental or business unit level.

Because call recording provides deep insight into your organisations’ interactions with customers and partners alike, it provides all the information you need at your fingertips, ensuring that your organisation has the information to improve SLAs and service performance.

Touch applies comprehensive service assurance to our own operations for your peace of mind

Rest assured that, at Touch, we apply those same principles to our own service assurance. We deliver continuous assurance using active, real-time continuous performance monitoring throughout the entire value chain of our own business on a 24x7 basis.

As a comprehensive managed call recording service, we treat our own service assurance with the utmost responsibility, ensuring that we enable our own customers to meet SLAs and deliver on their customer promises.

That’s why we have invested in advanced monitoring and surveillance centres, which are designed to ensure that our customers receive the highest levels of service uptime and quality.

Touch Operations Centre monitors the Touch Call Recording Service, providing complete end-to-end visibility into our own operations and to ensure that our customers receive the highest possible quality of service.

Any detected potential issues or errors – for example, a network problem or if recordings are not recorded correctly, as defined by pre-set business rules – will create and instantly send an alarm to our operations centre, where we target rapid resolution.

Our monitoring also extends to the networks of different mobile operators and their messaging systems, meaning that in-house PBX systems, chat and messenger services, as well as contact centres are also tested through this process. So, we can help you to ensure you meet your own compliance and service performance SLAs.

Touch Call recording as a managed service

As a managed service, being proactive is in our DNA. We take care of all of this on behalf of our customers, which allows them to focus on meeting their business goals, rather than firefighting the call recording system. We help our customers to not only meet their mandatory legal and compliance obligations, we also help them to unlock the huge potential and real value that can remain locked up in call recordings when they are not used as a powerful business tool.

When you choose Touch, you receive more than a recording service – you get a service that’s fully assured and backed by the right tools to ensure the best performance. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.


[1] https://www.zionmarketresearch.com/report/audio-communication-monitoring-market

[2] https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/operations/our-insights/how-advanced-analytics-can-help-contact-centers-put-the-customer-first#

Written on 17 August 2021
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