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From a legacy call recording solution to a modern, fully managed multi-channel recording service

From a legacy call recording solution to a modern, fully managed multi-channel recording service

More stringent compliance obligations, the need to meet strict SLA requirements, and rapidly evolving trends in work patterns and digital media platforms mean that organisations need a multi-channel, single platform approach to voice and data recording services. Fortunately, Touch has the answer.

Many enterprise customers and especially, traditional banks and financial companies, have expert IT and IT security departments that have managed and developed their infrastructure efficiently and effectively, particularly for corporate communication. But, things are changing and the same experts are now seeking to partner with trusted solution providers to help them evolve to meet new challenges, particularly, when it comes to call recording.

The reason for this rapid change is that maintaining multiple applications and siloes is increasingly challenging – it’s costly, requires human resources, and is increasingly unsuited to the demands of maintaining a call recording infrastructure to meet compliance and audit requirements.

That’s why, whatever your call recording requirements, Touch has a solution that not only ensures state-of-the-art call voice, mobile and data recording, but also complete migration from legacy systems to a single, unified platform, backed by SLAs to ensure optimum service delivery. We also take care of your business with a comprehensive on-boarding programme.

Historical data, propriety format and large numbers

One of the main considerations when moving from an old, legacy recording solution to a modern recording solution is how to handle and migrate large numbers of existing recordings. These old recordings might also be in a proprietary format used by your previous provider, making migration even harder to achieve.

Fortunately, Touch has solved this challenge by developing an automated process that converts proprietary recordings into a standardised format, ensures all relevant metadata is migrated as part of each individual recording, and can handle any data encryption issues. The result is an open standardised file that’s easy to search, access, stream and manage in your preferred way.

Multi-channel recording to cover all communication channels

Touch Call Recording Service is a true multi-channel recording solution offering integration to more than 40 different communication systems. If your format is not covered, we can easily add your PBX, Contact Centre, mobile network operator or any other existing infrastructure.

For example, a typical set-up is the use of Touch PBX recorder with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel or similar, together with mobile recording from different mobile network operators in different countries. Another common scenario is the need to manage contact centre call recording alongside other social media and chat solutions.

A multi-channel approach is now essential as new and more stringent regulations, such as GDPR and MiFID II, and the ever-growing list of communications channels, mean that organisations around the world increasingly requiring a comprehensive, secure and robust data and voice call recording solution that covers all channels in order to meet their compliance – and business performance and SLA – obligations.

Future-proof call recording with legacy integration

That’s why any chosen solution not only needs to be future proof – in order to meet the evolving needs of data compliance regulations and legislation, as well as rapidly changing trends in media channels – but also able to integrate legacy applications and data into a single, flexible call recording platform.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) and customer performance obligations

On top of all this, organisations need to ensure that they meet not only their own internal business performance metrics, but also their SLA and customer performance obligations when it comes to call recording, storage and retrieval.

That’s where Touch can help. We have been providing comprehensive, hassle-free service migration to organisations of all sizes, including banks, financial institutions, and call centres, for over a decade. Touch can help regardless of your business requirements and existing infrastructure.

An integrated call recording solution with managed migration to Touch

Over the years, it’s likely that many organisations will have multiple siloes of recordings in different formats. Touch can offer an initial evaluation of the state of play, and recommend the optimum solution for each individual organisation, ensuring that not only will our solution meet your compliance obligations, but also your stringent SLAs and quality assurance.

But we don’t just provide call recording, Touch’s managed services ensure consistent and optimum service performance on an on-going basis. Our service can provide quality assurance to support reporting goals and compliance with agreed SLAs.

Our heritage in integration and migration can ensure smooth adoption of new services, as well as effective migration from a legacy platform. Whatever your requirements, Touch has the answer. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Written on 06 May 2021
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