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The Danish Data Protection Agency - leading the way in compliance education

The Danish Data Protection Agency - leading the way in compliance education

Datatilsynet in Denmark (The Danish Data Protection Agency) has an inspirational focus on educating stakeholders with guidance and advice, as well as supervising compliance with rules on protection of personal data. The Danish Data Protection Agency is going much further than just acting as an enforcement body. Instead, it is helping organisations to meet GDPR and other complex obligations.

Businesses in Europe are required to meet an increasing number of complex compliance obligations concerning the collection, storage and processing of data. On top of EU legislation, such as MiFID II and the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), each organisation may also be subject to national and local requirements, as well as industry regulations.

Businesses also need to consider how local variations impact and integrate with broader regulations. For many organisations this creates a formidable challenge. Throw in the use of an increasingly broad set of media channels that are used by organisations in their day-to-day operations, as well as legacy platforms and data, and meeting compliance obligations can soon become an unwanted headache. So, any source of information and advice can be a lifeline for businesses grappling with compliance programmes.

Danish Data Protection Agency – compliance education

Many enforcement agencies and bodies are there to do just that – enforce regulations and legislation, and consider punitive action against those that fail to comply.  But others, such as the Danish Data Protection Agency (DPA) are expanding their role to encompass education and marketing for organisations in Denmark, with the aim of avoiding such a result. This helps organisations to achieve compliance and to understand how they need to adapt.

The Danish DPA was established in 1995 to implement EU Directive 95/46/EC – otherwise known as the ‘Data Protection Directive, which regulates the processing of data and is an integral component of EU privacy and human rights law. The directive was superseded in 2016 by the GDPR.

The Danish DPA oversees the surveillance of the processing of individuals’ data in Denmark, but its primary remit is to deal with inquiries from public authorities and private individuals – in short, education before punitive action.

Promoting awareness

As well as investigating complaints and bringing cases, the agency performs numerous educational roles, including:

  • promoting awareness amongst the public about their data protection rights;
  • driving improved awareness and compliance of data protection legislation at organisations through the publication of high-quality guidance, and proactive engagement; and,
  • holding consultations with organisations to assist in identifying risks to personal data protection.

Data protection across the board

Datatilsynet provides an informative website with a wealth of detailed information, in addition to all the national guidelines regarding data protection. What’s more, the organisation is very active on relevant social media, providing regular updates via its LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, in the last two years, the agency has also released 20 podcasts about GDPR, each offering education and tips on a specific theme in the regulations, as well as numerous presentations at conferences, industry events and workshops. Last year, the agency also launched a ‘data concern mailbox’, which allows citizens concerned about how their data is being used to contact it directly.

As well as numerous presentations at conferences, industry events and workshops. Last year, the agency also launched a ‘data concern mailbox’, which allows citizens concerned about how their data is being used to contact it directly.

It’s even targeting a younger demographic, ensuring young people understand their data protection rights.

We help you align with the requirements of the Danish DPA

The Danish DPA is a shining light for other data protection agencies, and provides an excellent first port of call for organisations, large or small that need to understand their obligations.

Of course, understanding the obligations is one thing. Next, you need to ensure that your call handling and communications systems are in compliance with the requirements. Touch can help. We know how to ensure that you comply with all requirements of the DPA that relate to call recording – from capture to storage and protection, as well as subject-right access. We understand the requirements and will work with you to help you ensure complete alignment, whether you have a legacy solution in place or are tackling them for the first time. Moreover, we can do so across more than 40 digital communications channels.

We have decades of experience helping organisations – from multinationals to SMBs and start-ups – to meet their compliance (and quality assurance) requirements. Our Call Recording as a Service solution provides everything you need to ensure compliance with obligations regarding call recording and the protected storage of the resulting files.

The comprehensive and easy-to-use service not only provides state-of-the-art call recording capabilities, but can also integrate with almost any legacy enterprise application or custom data format. So, you can ensure complete coverage – and compliance with the necessary regulations, regardless of the communications channels you use. And, as you add more – such as Teams, for example, these can be included as well.

Furthermore, the merger of Touch Call Recording and Recordit.nu Aps earlier not only strengthens the combined company’s leading position in the Nordics market, but also provides a platform for accelerated global growth.

With 400 enterprise customers across the Nordics and tens of thousands of users, it means that Touch and Recordit can ensure that every customer is able to meet all of its compliance requirements – internationally, nationally and locally – easily, quickly, securely and with minimal user management.

We provide a comprehensive service, and the experience and heritage to meet all the compliance and call recording needs of Nordic, European and global organisations alike. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Written on 28 April 2021
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