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Call Recording solutions for Mitel MX-One – and more

Call Recording solutions for Mitel MX-One – and more

Call Recording needs to cover a broad range of on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment options. Touch Call Recording Service includes a range of proven PBX integrations and PBX recorders, including Mitel MX-ONE, and Cisco Call Manager, as well as others from Avaya, Alcatel Lucent, Unify and more, ensuring compatibility with any enterprise voice system.

The rise of cloud-based unified communications has, rightly so, been much heralded, thanks to the benefits it undoubtedly offers. While adoption of cloud-hosted PBX and telephony services continues to grow rapidly, it does not detract from the fact that on-premise PBX systems still account for the majority of deployments, and will do for the foreseeable future.

Call recording must cover on-premise, cloud and hybrid investments

With call recording becoming an integral component of many business operations – due to increasing compliance obligations and a growing need for employee training, customer quality assurance (QA) and business insight – the stark reality is that any call recording programme needs to integrate multiple channels, from social media and SMS conversations right through to a range of on-premise and cloud-based enterprise applications.

While there is a clear shift toward cloud deployments, organisations still need to maintain multiple legacy investments – including on-premise, cloud and hybrid – all of which must be included in any call recording strategy.

According to Wainhouse Research[1], the global market share for on-premise UC deployments is forecast to drop from 83 per cent in 2018 to 60 per cent by 2023 in favour of cloud-hosted and hybrid solutions. Of course, it still means that on-premise PBX investments will account for more than half of all PBX deployments for the foreseeable future.

So, what’s required is an all-encompassing call recording solution that not only integrates legacy investments, but also offers a future roadmap to state-of-the-art call recording services and solutions.

Call recording for Mitel MX-One

Mitel is one of the leading on-premise PBX and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platform providers. As well as being one of the fastest-growing cloud-hosted PBX providers, it’s also one of the global leaders in terms of on-premise deployments.

Mid-market and enterprise businesses with more than 300 employees account for 20 per cent of Mitel customers, with on-site solutions (IP PBX, hybrid cloud, and server virtualisation) comprising 75 per cent of customers in this market. The company has been voted ‘Best Value’ on-premise and cloud PBX provider for two-years running, according to a survey of more than 4,000 IT managers by Eastern Management Group[2].

Mitel MiVoice MX-One is the comprehensive UCC solution of choice for many mid-market enterprises (from a few hundred to 100,000 users), and has an installed base of more than 60,000 customers in over 120 countries.

Multi-channel call recording for PBX, data and enterprise applications

Most organisations, however, will be running a broad range of applications to meet their communications needs, all of which must be covered and integrated into a single call recording programme and platform. How can organisations ensure comprehensive, secure, multi-channel call recording that meets all of their compliance and business performance requirements?

Touch offers a wide range of PBX call recorders for cloud-based and on-premises PBX solutions, compatible with all relevant interfaces, including legacy ISDN, as well as VoIP and SIP. Our range of proven PBX integrations, over decades, includes Mitel MX-ONE, Cisco Call Manager, Avaya, Alcatel Lucent, Unify, and many more. Touch can ensure compatibility with any enterprise voice system.

Our Touch PBX Recorder can also be adapted to any vendor-specific API, which ensures compatibility with any legacy telephony solution in the organisation. Click here to see a list of supported PBXs – if you can’t see your system, please contact us, as our APIs can cover any integration.

Touch PBX Recorder for Mitel MX-One, Cisco Call Manager, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Unify…

Touch PBX Recorder helps enterprises of any size to meet their compliance requirements, as well as enabling enhanced staff training and customer service through training and call reviews, and streamlined business interactions and operations through insight and analytics.

Importantly, Touch covers on-premise, cloud-hosted and hybrid PBX deployments, as well as over 40 other channels, to provide a comprehensive and secure call recording service to meet all your needs now and in the future on a single platform.

Our solution is secure – capturing voice and conversation streams, as well as the associated metadata and storing all data in a mirrored, encrypted Storage Centre. All data can be retrieved quickly and easily from a single, intuitive web-based portal, with access limited to certified personnel.

Put simply, Touch can take care of your call recording needs, whether it’s a legacy on-premise, cloud or hybrid PBX integration, any other enterprise application, or a consumer-focused channel, such as live chat. Contact us to find out how we can meet all your compliance and business operation needs.


[1] Wainhouse Research, 2019: “The Cloud UC Calling Market”

[2] https://easternmanagement.com/Images/Brochure-2020-PBX-CSAT-Report.aspx

Written on 21 April 2021
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