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Touch and Recordit merge and secure market-leading position for call recording services in the Nordics

Touch and Recordit merge and secure market-leading position for call recording services in the Nordics

Norwegian-based Touch has acquired 100 % of the Danish company Recordit.nu Aps. The companies will immediately merge, a move that strengthens Touch’s position as the market leader for call recording services in the Nordic region.

All employees will join the unified organisation, to ensure the most effective levels of service for customers and partners. Touch Call Recording will be used as the brand name for all future activities. The merger combines the valuable expertise of both companies and enables the evolution of advanced compliance and call recording services.

Touch and Recordit have enjoyed a successful partnership since 2013 and the merger strengthen our market-leading position for call recording in the Nordics, boosting our platform for accelerated global growth.

Market leading call recording position

Touch has decades of experience in the call recording market, and this merger adds the experience and valuable expertise of Recordit, giving the combined company an immediate and significant boost, as well as an expanded market position. The Nordics will remain the ‘home market’, but the merger is aimed at building on this platform to support our ambitions and customers on a global scale.

Touch offers a true multi-channel recording approach that will bring new capabilities to our Danish customers, opening the way for mobile and fixed call recording, together with more than 40 digital channels, including Microsoft Teams.

Advanced, future-proof communication and compliance

The merged company will become the market leader in the Nordics with more than 400 enterprise customers and tens of thousands of users. All employees of Recordit will join the Touch team and together we will support existing and new global customers and projects. This merger secures the workplace, for our employees, while creating a bigger company with more customers.

For our customers it means more resources and expertise that will allow Touch and Recordit to not only secure existing deliveries, but also to improve our offerings and enable our customers to update to the most advanced, future-proof communication, compliance and recording infrastructure available.

For both Touch and Recordit, customer satisfaction has been a key focus and driving principle. The combined company will continue this mission and strengthen our ability to deliver excellence in multi-channel call recording.

Call recording innovation and advanced services

The combined company will focus on developing new innovations and features, such as:

  • Quality Management Service (QMS) for call evaluation, quality assurance and employee development
  • Speech Analytics for speech to text conversion and advanced analytics

These features have enjoyed significant recent interest. QMS enhances customer call evaluation and employee coaching, while Speech Analytics enables the transcription of phone conversations to extract valuable data from the files.

Together with Recordit, Touch now has a global reach and is better equipped than ever to help our customers solve their call recording challenges. The merger of our companies builds on our mutual success in the past few years and creates a host of new opportunities.

We look forward to working with you all in the coming years.

Written on 09 February 2021
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