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Compliance call recording for Cisco

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), also known as Cisco Unified CallManager (CUCM) and Cisco CallManager (CCM), is a software-based IP call agent platform from Cisco Systems.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) is popular among enterprises and organisations of all sizes, many of which also have a need to record conversations with their customers. If you need a seamless solution that’s fully integrated with Cisco solutions, Touch has a complete service for you.

Your Cisco platform deserves a modern, multi-channel recording service

Cisco’s voice products were launched in 1994 and have since grown to achieve a market-leading position. Gartner and its Magic Quadrant has consistently ranked Cisco as both a visionary and for its ability to execute. Many millions of enterprise users regularly use Cisco voice solutions, both for internal and external communications. At the same time, many companies that have adopted Cisco voice solutions also regularly record conversations they have with their customers – for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.

Of course, in addition to Cisco’s offers, people use a variety of other tools – such as Microsoft Teams, mobile phones and so on. This creates a more complex landscape – and it’s harder for IT managers to meet requirements from Compliance Officers to ensure that all relevant channels are covered by their recording programme and policies.

Depend on a proven solution, with deep integration with Cisco for your call recording needs

That’s why businesses need a trusted third-party to help. A managed call recording solution that can seamlessly integrate multiple channels – including all Cisco platforms – so that every relevant conversation and interaction can be recorded is essential for simplifying compliance and assurance programmes.

What you really need, if you are using Cisco voice solutions is a call recording solution that offers full integration with different Cisco platforms, as well as other channels that are adopted in your organisation.

Touch provides a complete managed service, backed by service level agreements to meet the most stringent requirements. Touch Call Recording as a Service offers complete integration with Cisco’s solutions, as well as the ability to include other digital channels within your recording programme.

So, if you are a Cisco user and you need to record conversations for compliance and assurance purposes, we have a solution for you. It’s proven – at scale – and has been integrated with Cisco for years, guaranteeing peace of mind and providing security for your business. Best of all, it’s a complete service, with unlimited storage, policy-based access control, and offers continual evolution so that you can easily extend your programme to new communications channels as they are adopted by your organisation.

Why not get in touch and find out how Touch can offer a complete call recording solution for your business, with integration to your Cisco platform?

Written on 17 December 2020
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