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Touch launches Compliance Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Touch has been offering compliance call recording for Microsoft Teams since early May 2020. The live service ensures full compliance with regulatory obligations, such as GDPR and MiFID II. Touch is one of the first global call recording providers to offer this state-of-the-art compliance call recording service. As Teams adoption surges, Touch enables it to be included in all compliance programmes – an essential step, given how popular Teams has become.

Touch is delighted to announce the launch of compliance call recording for Microsoft Teams. The new solution has been available since early May 2020 and it allows Teams to be fully included in compliance programmes, such as GDPR and MiFID II. While call recording for Teams has been available as “trunk recording” for some time, compliance call recording has a different, more stringent level of integration. To achieve compliance, it’s essential to be able to record all calls, including conference calls, internal calls, federated calls and external calls.

Compliance Call Recording for Microsoft Teams is yet another recording channel in our complete Touch Call Recording Service. For Compliance Call Recording for Microsoft Teams, a recording profile is assigned to a Teams tenant (your company or organisation), in addition to the Teams’ users. When a user initiates a session, or when someone calls them, a notice is displayed on all connected devices, indicating that the call will be recorded. The message stays in place throughout the duration of the call, providing a reminder to all participants.

New feature extends existing Teams call recording solution

This initiative builds on our earlier work in enabling call recording for Microsoft Teams, which extended our range of call recorders to yet another key business channel – now numbering more than 40 in total.

As many are aware, use of Teams has surged in recent months. According to Microsoft’s own data, more than 12 million new Teams users were added in March 2020, reflecting the sudden rise of remote working and rapid adoption of collaboration tools. Teams has quickly become a default option for many, since it’s included with existing Microsoft365 subscriptions. This has made it easy to adopt and to integrate alongside other business applications already in use.

But, this hasn’t changed compliance requirements. Organisations that have to record calls must continue to meet stringent requirements governing how they do so – and, crucially, how they notify participants that calls will be recorded. With Touch, any Teams user that is included in an organisation’s recording programme can be provisioned with the recording feature.

Full compliance with relevant legislation

The user’s profile is changed, such that recording is activated by default and for all devices associated with the individual. The rules are set at a company level, by the administrator – which means they cannot be overridden by a user. As a result, all calls to and from the user will be recorded by default, in line with the company policy. However, the addition of the notice means that participants are informed that recording will take place. This ensures compliance with regulations regarding privacy, such as GDPR.

So, as use of Teams soars and as companies adjust to new work patterns, they can be confident that their recording policies can also adapt. The new feature ensures that all channels can be included in the programme and that compliance obligations are met. If you are using Teams, then get in touch to see how we can activate Teams recording for you – with full compliance to all relevant regulations.


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