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Call analytics to drive performance optimisation – capitalise on your data

Call analytics to drive performance optimisation – capitalise on your data

Add another source of analytics and insights to your data programmes and investments with Touch QMS – automated evaluation of customer calls, delivering valuable intelligence and driving performance optimisation.

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Data has become increasingly important to enterprises. All business processes generate data and this data provides the opportunity to discover new insights. Such insights can help drive strategic change, optimise performance and shape transformation.

The value of this data is now well recognised, which is why Forbes, a leading business publication, has reported that nearly 75% of businesses expect investments in data and analytics to increase in the next three years. If organisations don’t take action, they are likely to miss out, as others mine data to secure competitive advantage.

So, it’s not surprising that, again according to Forbes, more than half of all global enterprise businesses have appointed Chief Data Officers. They have to coordinate the systematic collection and processing of data, so that organisations can capitalise on the benefits it offers. This means that they must ensure that they include all business processes within data collection and processing programmes.

One such source of data is the interaction between companies and their customers, through different communications channels. The ways in which people talk with each other, or exchange information reveals valuable insights that helps enhance service, ensure consistency and enable more effective training, helping organisations to boost sales, retain customers and build better relationships. If companies can explore, analyse and process customer interactions effectively, they can gain an edge.

This is particularly important for those organisations that run call and contact centres to manage communication with their customers and contacts. Since these solutions process a high volume of calls, they provide a rich source of data that can fuel optimisation efforts. How can they capitalise on this?

Well, in addition to providing a complete recording solution, Touch also offers QMS – Quality Management Service. QMS is an automated, solution that helps organisations evaluate customer calls, ensure compliancy with relevant legislation and asses employee performance in an efficient and structured manner. It’s a key tool in any quality system.

It provides a complete solution for Quality Managers, Compliance Officers and contact centre staff to perform quality management and evaluation sessions, based on findings from the analysis of calls. This enables organisations to evaluate performance and helps boost the training and coaching of employees – and provides another source of valuable data and insights to drive optimisation and performance enhancement.

So, if you are investing in data analytics programmes, QMS provides a powerful extension to Touch Call Recording that supports your corporate data analytics investments. Get in touch to find out more.

Written on 09 December 2019
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