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Call Centre as a Service is growing - why not start using Call Recording as a Service too?

Call recording as a service

Gartner reports that Contact Center as a Service is maturing fast, which means more companies will move their customer interaction to the cloud. When reviewing options, why not also consider Call Recording as a Service?


According to analyst firm Gartner’s latest ‘Magic Quadrant’ for Contact Center as a Service , “the CCaaS market in Western Europe has matured, with a range of competitive offerings to consider as substitutes for traditional-on-premises contact center infrastructure.” In other words, not only have the solutions provided by vendors matured, so too has market acceptance.

As a result, we can expect to see more enterprises choosing cloud-based solutions as they move through migration and replacement cycles. Of course, this also creates opportunities to review other premises-based solutions. For example, most companies that operate a call / contact centre, also routinely undertake call recording, typically for training and quality-assurance purposes, in addition to compliance. So, moving contact centre functions to the cloud also creates an opportunity to review how they implement call recording in their business.

Many organisations have simply relied on the call recording capabilities offered by their contact centre, but this can be limiting. Just using the default call recording capabilities may result in a lack of flexibility. For example, Structured Quality Management is one of the features we recommend for helping to boost staff training and expertise – the ability to work with recordings to enhance performance is becoming increasingly relevant. In addition, speech analytics can be used to analyse customer interactions and to provide input to Big Data projects, helping organisations gain more insights from the recordings they capture.

Call Recording as a Service, helping you to stay ahead of technology changes

 That’s where a Call Recording as a Service solution can help. Touch, for example, offers call recording as a service that is completely independent of the call centre infrastructure. This allows not only all channels to be included in the recording programme, it also offers additional capabilities to help optimise and enhance performance, such as Coach, a complete tool for structured training. Speech analytics can also be applied, securing yet more insights. Touch also runs an active programme of product evolution, taking into account new and emerging channels, which means you can easily stay ahead of evolving communications options.

Touch Call Recording service is completely independent, offers full omni-channel capabilities, and is backed by an intensive roadmap, ensuring that it stays ahead of changing requirements and allowing businesses to cover all communications channels. So, if you are thinking of moving your contact centre to the cloud, you should also review how you ensure call recording for training and quality assurance purposes.

Why not talk to Touch? We can provide a Complete Call Recording as a Service solution that embraces all digital channels and provides complete independence from your cloud contact centre. It allows you to choose the contact centre that suits your organisational and business needs, while giving you the freedom to embrace additional channels. It’s secure, offers Tier 1 reliability and gives you the protection and stability you need, backed by specialist experience.

Written on 02 September 2019
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