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GDPR grants customers access to personal data (call recordings) “without delay”

Access to personal data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in 2018 introduced a multitude of new obligations on all companies, which already have a significant impact on the way they handle and process data.

Rights to access personal data

One of the most significant changes brought in by GDPR is the right for both customers and employees to access any personal data that is held on them “without delay”. Known as a Subject Access Request, or article 15 under the new GDPR rules, it gives an individual the right to obtain access to their personal data.

Organisations are not allowed to charge a fee to individuals to access their personal information.

Administrative burden

Of course, this places a significant administrative burden on data controllers and processors, and in many cases will require a change in processes as well as technology platforms, creating a further time-consuming and costly burden.

Touch’s service for call recording, storage and easy retrieval requires no CAPEX and can completely shield organisations from the GDPR headache. It provides a safe and secure and, more importantly, agile and responsive way for organisations to deal quickly and efficiently with Subject Access requests.

Touch captures digital communications from more than 46 different channels, including mobile and fixed calls, as well as other business communications such as Skype for Business and Bloomberg. It´s a complete solution that ensures you meet all regulations and obligations relevant to GDPR.

As well as securely storing data, Touch also offers an intuitive Web-Portal with advanced search and easy retrieval capabilities, and hierarchical-based protection, so that only appropriate personnel can access the data. Call recordings, and other data-based communications such as SMS and chat, can be easily and quickly accessed according to time, telephone number or name, and other search criteria.

How can Touch help?

It means that organisations can meet Subject Access requests (SAR) quickly and efficiently, without any of the headache. Furthermore, users with appropriate access can not only retrieve personal data, but also delete it should your organisation receive a ‘right to erasure’ request.

Touch can significantly ease the burden of responding to personal data requests. We have been helping financial institutions and other multinational organisations to comply with legislation and key industry regulations, such as MiFID, for decades, and our solution is fully GDPR compliant.

Touch can help to ease the burden, and stress, of handling Subject Access and other GDPR requests in a safe, secure, agile and responsive manner. It means that your organisation can focus on doing what it does best. So why not contact us now to see how we can help solve your GDPR Subject Access Request woes?

Written on 18 April 2019
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