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Best possible mobile call recording ensures organisational compliance on any device, anywhere

Mobile call recording

Mobile first is a communication strategy that is spreading. The move towards mobile is undeniably reshaping the face of business - but, as well as extending enterprise mobility and flexibility for workers, it also brings challenges.

On top of that, increased compliance and regulatory requirements means that the ability to record calls, particularly in the financial services, on any device, regardless of location is becoming essential.

Reliance on conventional fixed-net call recording systems is perfect for desk-bound employees, but they also restrict mobility and the business productivity of employees who either work remotely, flexibly, or need to travel. There is a clear need to have the ability to record mobile calls within a compliant environment and without the need to install software or deploy hardware.

Touch Call Recording Service is completely net-centric. Closely integrated with the mobile core, it records calls directly within mobile and fixed networks, without the need to install mobile call recording apps on employee devices, or to deploy any other infrastructure or hardware.

Recording takes place automatically, regardless of the device, without the need for user intervention, but according to the compliance policies of the organisation. All recordings are easily accessible from an easy-to-use web interface, which offers advanced search capabilities.

Touch network-centric mobile recording provides a convenient way for enterprises, as well as telecoms operators, to offer their employees, customers and clients a complete, net-centric mobile call recording solution, regardless of the devices connected or the network infrastructure of the provider.

Our device-agnostic, network-centric call recording solutions allows a rich, seamless call recording service, across multiple channels and verticals, ensuring that enterprises meet their compliance requirements and business goals.

On the customer side, as no deployment of any kind is necessary, there is no business disruption during setup and no changes to the way they make or record calls. Best practices are simply extended to their mobile devices.

To find out how Touch’s network-centric mobile call recording service can help your organisation, contact us today.

Written on 20 March 2019
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