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Touch Call Recording Service

Call Recording
as a Service

Touch – recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communications. Our services are delivered to companies, organisations and public entities.
Call Recording as a Service

Fully managed, secure
Call Recording Services

Secure call recording from an
award winning company


Secured, encrypted and stored safely for as long as you need

Compliance assured

Ensure your call recordings are compliant with MiFiD, Dodd-Frank and GDPR

No need for on-site equipment

You may be required to securely store and access your data, which can be tough if you don’t have the knowledge or expertise in house. You may be confronted with legal, statutory and industrial compliance requirements regarding personal data that require dedicated resources that you do not have. Touch can help – quickly, easily and without the need for on-site installations.

Our managed services provide a simple way to meet compliance and regulatory goals, as well as to capitalise on recordings for operational improvements. They are cost-effective and do not require large capital investments or the management of complex infrastructure.

Our expertise means that you don’t need training or to dedicate resources, boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Flexible Call Recording as a Service

Call Recording to meet
any requirement

Unlock insights, meet compliance requirements,
gain a deeper understanding of your clients

Insight and compliance in a single platform

Call recordings contain rich data that offers valuable insights to businesses.

Touch helps you access the hidden value of your data, so you can secure essential insight into your customers and performance to enhance processes, train your team and to capture business intelligence.

Recordings can give a better, deeper understanding of your customers, helping you to retain them and deliver better services and support.

Encrypted, secure call recording as a service

Supports 50 different communication channels, Intuitive web interface for accessing recorded calls

Mirrored data storage for disaster recovery

Supported by experts, compliant with current and future legislation

Multi-channel call recording as a service

Record all your business-critical channels in one place

A complete, managed solution for recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communication
  • Man holding mobile phone

    Mobile call recording

    A complete network-based solution for your mobile and remote workforce, easily integrated for a seamless solution

  • Data centre

    PBX call recording

    PBX call recording for cloud-based and on-premise PBX solutions, compatible with all relevant interfaces

  • Jigsaw men doing high-five

    Microsoft Teams recording

    Teams recording, directly integrated with Microsoft enabling full compliance with regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II and Dodd-Frank

  • Chat recording

    A complete solution for the capture and storage of conversations on Bloomberg Chat, Refinitiv Messenger and other chat services

  • SMS recording

    Extend recording to SMS channels, so you can cover even more customer interactions, securely and efficiently

Call recording for finance, contact centres and operators

Solutions for a
business like yours

Secure, compliant and ready for integration with your communications channels
  • Person holding desk telephone

    GDPR, MiFID II compliant call recording for financial services

    • Optimised for financial services and seamlessly integrated with call and chat channels
    • Compliant with MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, FCA and other legal and regulatory requirements
    • Create a secure audit trail of your voice transactions
  • Man with headset smiling

    Call recording and analytics for contact centres

    • Seamless recording of multiple channels and communication streams
    • Ideal for self-training of front-line agents and employees
    • Integrates with Touch QMS call centre performance management tool
  • Call recording and analytics for training & performance

    • Transform employee training with flexible, intelligent quality management and evaluation
    • Ideal for self-training of front-line agents and employees
    • Touch QMS ensures compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Network cables

    Network-based call recording for telecoms operators

    • Secure, encrypted in-network call recording for telecoms operators
    • Deployed and field-proven with Tier-1 telecoms operators
    • Compliant with GDPR, MiFID II and other local, national and international regulations
  • Trusted call recording for
    any industry

    “Touch Call Recording Service is tailored to meet our customers’ business challenges with seamless and flexible recording capabilities.”

    Even Hovde
    CEO, Touch
  • A reliable service with
    proactive support

    “Our dedication to customer support has allowed us to develop and nurture long-standing relationships with many of the region’s leading enterprises and regulated organisations.”

    Lars Svenkerund
    CTO, Touch
  • Recording across fixed, mobile and digital channels

    “Touch Call Recording Service is a complete, integrated solution for multi-channel and omni-channel recording. Touch is available to any business and enterprise.”

    Even Hovde
    CEO, Touch
  • Designed for complex customer needs

    “As the first business to launch call-recording-as-a-service to the Nordics we understand the specific, often unique requirements for recording of fixed, mobile and digital channels. We deliver, every time.”

    Lars Svenkerund
    CTO, Touch
  • Touch evolves with your business

    "Call recording is a fast evolving business so you must be agile to keep pace.  Our fast deployment of new channels and compliance regulations means peace of mind for the future."

    Lars Svenkerund
    CTO, Touch
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Touch Call Recording was recently awarded 'eco-lighthouse' certification, Norway's most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.
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