Call Recording
as a Service

A complete, managed solution for recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communication.

One platform. Any channel.

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Recording solutions designed around your objectives

Man looking at laptop while using a smartphone


Ensure compliance with national and international legislation, such as MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank and more, with a solution spanning all digital channels.
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Training and QA

Performance management tools for structured staff training programmes with team leader evaluation and self-training capabilities.
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Multi-channel coverage

Extending to more than 40 digital communications channels – from mobile to fixed, from Microsoft Teams to Bloomberg and Eikon Messenger.

About Touch Call Recording as a Service

Touch is a trusted provider of services for recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communications. 

Our Call Recording as a Service enables companies to meet a wide range of requirements, including compliance (MiFID, MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank and more), documentation, dispute resolution, quality assurance, risk management, audit trails, training, and much more.

As the first company in Europe to offer Call Recording as a Service and as a regional market leader, we have the heritage and expertise to deliver the robust solutions our customers demand.

Record. Secure. Store. Protect.

secure call recording


standards compliant call recording

Standards compliant

operator independent call recording

Operator independent

Dedicated support for call recording

Dedicated support

Access call recordings via web portal

Access via web portal

call recording as a service


See how Touch supports your recording requirements

Touch enables your business to meet compliance obligations, capture essential insight and to improve customer service.

Watch our video to learn more.


Contact centre staff

Recording for contact centres

Record and store calls with easy access for staff training, documentation and dispute resolution. Optimise quality assurance processes and enhance continuous improvement programmes.
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Recording for financial services

Protect your business by ensuring compliance with industry legislation, wherever you operate. Secure, reliable and fully aligned with all relevant compliance programmes.
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B2B services for operators

Best-in-class voice call recording solutions to grow B2B revenue. Fully integrated with your network, Touch runs seamlessly, with no application or user intervention required.
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Get started with ease

Touch Call Recording as a Service is network-based and device independent. It requires no changes to devices, avoids insecure and ineffective applications. Users can easily be provisioned. Once active, there’s no user intervention or requirements. Storage is automatic – it just works, backed by our expert managed service team. It can be deployed seamlessly, reaching all personnel, quickly and easily.

Woman at desk using headset, man using smartphone

Compliance for legal requirements

If your business is covered by legislation that governs how and when you need to record calls, or how they must be protected, you need a partner that you can depend on. Touch Call Recording as a Service is a flexible solution that ensures you meet legal obligations, with no disruption, reducing costs and ensuring effective coverage.

Man using headset and text chat

Flexible storage – protected and secure

All recorded calls and stored data is fully protected, with advanced encryption. Our storage facilities are geo-redundant with mirroring across each site. Your data is secure and can be held as long as demanded by relevant legislation. Capacity grows with your team, so the organisation can scale, with no limits, helping you face the future with confidence.

The Touch Approach


Recording as a Service

Delivered from the cloud, a simple path to meet compliance and regulatory goals



Encrypted, secure data storage. Helping you to meet you compliance requirements



Comprehensive, powerful and capable, helping you to meet business challenges



Outstanding service levels monitored 24/7/365
Daily searches of recordings


Web-based access to recordings, reporting and configuration
Communications channels recorded


Recordings are enabled across multiple systems and operators

Record your devices and channels now

Start recording in minutes, not months.
Need something specific? Get in touch.