Record. Secure.
Store. Protect.

A complete service for recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communications.

About Touch

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Touch is a trusted provider of services for recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communications. Our comprehensive Call Recording as a Service helps companies meet compliance obligations, and unlock hidden value in their data.

As the first company in Europe to offer Call Recording as a Service and as a regional market leader, we have the heritage and expertise to deliver the robust solutions our customers demand.

Record. Secure. Store. Protect.

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  • Contact

    Record and store calls for self-training, documentation, and dispute resolution. Increase the value of your communications.

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  • Financial

    Ensure compliance with national, international, legal and industry requirements. Protect your business, quickly and easily.

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  • Telemarketing
    and Sales

    Improve customer experience, enhance success rate, and boost business performance through continual enhancement.

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  • Emergency

    Document emergency and security incidents by recording and storing multichannel communications, safely and securely.

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  • Telecoms

    Offer your customers a complete solution for recording calls in fixed and mobile telephone networks. High service quality, advanced functionality and predictable costs.

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Call Recording as a Service

Touch services enable companies to meet a wide range of requirements, including compliance (MiFID, MiFID II, GDPR, and more), documentation, dispute resolution, quality assurance, risk management, audit trails, training, and much more.

We help our customers boost productivity, add value to their communications, unlock rich insights into performance, and deliver improved customer service.



standards compliant

Standards compliant

operator independent

Operator independent

dedicated support

Dedicated support

web portal

Access via web portal

call recording as a service

Call Recording as a Service

Secure call recording

All recorded and stored data is fully protected, through advanced encryption, and with redundancy and disaster recovery ensured through mirroring at multiple sites. We have been storing customers’ data securely and reliably for over a decade.

Data is encrypted according to ETSI TR 102 661, while an easy-to-use web-interface offers advanced search and retrieval capabilities, including hierarchical-based protection that enables restricted access and permission levels. Trust Touch to keep your data secure.

Compliant with:

  • MiFID
  • MiFID II
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Vertical industry requirements
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The Touch Approach

cloud based

Recording as a Service

Delivered from the cloud, a simple path to meet compliance and regulatory goals



Encrypted, secure data storage. Helping you to meet you compliance requirements



Comprehensive, powerful and capable, helping you to meet business challenges

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